White Glass Splashbacks

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White Glass Splashback

We supply and install a variety of custom-made white glass splashbacks in Perth, Western Australia. In fact, white is one of our most popular colours as it offers a feeling of brightness and freshness to the kitchen area.

White Splashbacks

We have a broad range of whites to choose from at Complete Glass Supply. Customers often have the misconception that white is white, and all whites are the same. This is far from the truth and many things influence the type of white.

Glass Influence

There are a multitude of glass types to choose from, such as clear, low iron, frosted and patterned.

Despite its name, clear glass has a mild green hue which influences the white colour applied to the rear of the glass.

Low iron glass is the purest glass in terms of colour neutrality and offers customers the truest representation of the white colour applied to the glass.

Frosted glass (Satin Etch Glass) is used for our matt glass splashbacks and offers a very different appearance to standard (gloss) glass. To add to the decision-making, there are also clear and low-iron versions of frosted glass.

Below are examples of how the glass type influences the appearance of the same white colour.

**These colours are indicative only due to digitisation and computer monitor variation.

Metallic Influence

We also introduce a pearlescent element to the same white paint to produce a sparkling effect that must be seen “in the flesh” to really appreciate its appearance.

Snow shine - Metallic
Snow shine – Metallic

Which To Choose?

Most whites are actually “off-whites” and possess a slightly warm or cool, tone. Care should be taken if you have white benchtops or kitchen units so as not to combine warm with cool whites as this may clash.

To get clarity on which white glass splashback to choose, pop into our showroom and pick up some small samples to check and compare against your kitchen colour scheme.

For further help and advice or to get a competitive quote call us now.

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