There is no doubt that our mirror splashbacks can transform a kitchen into something quite special. This product is not technically a mirror, but gives a mirror-like finish due to the special coating on the reverse of the glass.

Real mirrors cannot be used as splashbacks as they cannot be toughened. Our mirror-like splashbacks are toughened safety glass, designed specifically to face the challenges of heat, etc that are found in your kitchen.

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Mirror Splashback Installations

Mirror Splashback Installations
Grey Smokey Mirror Splashback

Grey Mirror Splashbacks

We have a range of mirror splashbacks that have different hues and look incredible in most kitchens, pop into one of our showroom locations to view some samples. Grey mirror glass is often referred to as a smokey mirror splashback and has a neutral tone.

Bronze Mirror Splashbacks

As you can probably guess from the name, the bronze mirror has a very warm tone and looks very high-end when installed. If the kitchen has an island present, customers often install the same bronze mirror glass into the back panel of the island to match the mirror glass behind the stovetop.

Bronze Mirror Splashback