Glass Splashbacks For Local Businesses in Perth

At Complete Glass Supply, we are frequently asked by local businesses to supply and install various types of glass splashbacks.

Occasionally, the glass will be installed for decorative reasons rather than being used as a splashback in a kitchen.

Take a look at the images below to get an understanding of the use cases and options available to you as a business.

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Splashback Installations For Businesses

Splashback for Local Business
Coloured Glass Splashback for Business in Perth

Coloured Glass For Businesses

These images show the installation of coloured glass for a local dental business in Perth.

They saw an opportunity to portray their brand’s colour throughout their office spaces and dental rooms.

We matched their brand colour and reproduced it on custom-cut glass throughout.

As you can see, the effect is striking.

Reflective Mirror Glass For Perth Offices

This image demonstrates that not all splashbacks for businesses are used in kitchens.

The glass shown here is our special coated glass used for our mirrored splashbacks.

This is toughened glass so it not only looks great as a decorative glass panel on an office wall, but it’s also a safety glass.

Reflective Mirror Glass for Local Business Offices