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Red splashbacks are very popular in Perth, despite the rapid rise in the number of choices available in the WA splashback marketplace. We cater to this demand by offering a range of red colours, including several in our metallic range and matt range of splashbacks.

Red Splashback Kitchen

The image above demonstrates how using a vibrant colour such as red for the colour of your splashback can make it a good, strong focal point of your kitchen if all the other colours in the area are fairly muted.

Choice of Reds

The following is a selection of reds available from our ranges. Drop into our showroom to see the colour on glass and pick up a sample to test at home:

From Our Classic Range

  • Pillar Box
  • Red Poppy
  • Rose Red
  • Ruby Wine
  • DAG Red

From Our Metallic Range

  • Copper Fire
  • Steel Red
  • Electric Red

If you have a specific red in mind, then you can take advantage of our colour matching service, by simply letting us know the Dulux colour code and for a nominal fee we can provide you with a sample on glass for approval prior to manufacture and installation.

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