Kitchen splashback ideas

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Kitchen Splashback Ideas

As one of Perth’s leading kitchen splashback installers, we get asked for advice and ideas on what type of splashback best suits a particular kitchen design or layout. This article will highlight what’s available to you in WA and offer some splashback ideas to help you decide.


Splashback Idea 1: Use Clear Glass

A glass splashback doesn’t have to be painted or coloured in any way to do its job; given the right environment, clear glass can be your best option. If you have attractive brickwork in your kitchen, a clear glass splashback can highlight the exposed brick and truly make it a stand-out feature whilst still providing you with an easy-to-clean and maintain barrier for any food splashes.

Splashback Idea 2: Use Bright Colours

Splashback Idea 2: Use Bright Colours

If a transparent glass splashback is not your thing, we have one of WA’s widest ranges of splashback colours for you to choose from. Depending on your kitchen and your personal taste, a splashback can be subtle and blend into the surroundings, or it can be bold and be the centrepiece.

Using a striking colour can completely transform your kitchen and provide it with a bold focal point.

Aside from our standard range of colours, there is the option to have a colour that you can choose from the Dulux range. This is our colour-matching service and can provide you with a truly unique splashback.

Splashback Idea 3: Use Metallic Colours

Splashback Idea 3: Use Metallics Colours

Metallic paints can be bold or subtle, depending on your colour choice. We have a very broad range of metallic coloured splashbacks that are extremely popular. They range from a bright white with a beautifully subtle pearlescent sparkle to a bold, glittery aluminium.

Metallic paints can provide an additional lift to a large flat area of glass, which can change significantly in the evenings when lights are switched on, and the metallics in the paint interact with the light.

Splashback Idea 4: Use Reflective Glass

Splashback Idea 4: Use Special Coated Glass

Mirrored splashbacks look very high-end and work best in a modern kitchen. Mirrors bring in light and can make rooms look larger.

We have three colours in our range of reflective splashbacks: grey, blue, and a bronze mirrored splashback. These are toughened safety glass, heat resistant, and ideal for behind stovetops.

Splashback Idea 5: Use A Reduced Colour Pallete

Keeping colour to a minimum and using the same colour splashback as the rest of the kitchen is one of the best kitchen splashback ideas. For example, a kitchen with white cabinets, white splashback, dark cabinetry, and glossy black splashback can make for a very contemporary kitchen.

Splashback Idea 6: Use Intricate Shapes

If you’re having a kitchen remodel, consider continuing around window frames. At Complete Glass Supply, we install custom-made splashbacks, so creating intricate shapes and installing splashbacks around a window is not a problem.

Splashback Idea 6: Use Intricate Shapes

Splashback Idea 7: Use Muted Colours

As of writing this, interior designers are opting for muted colours and leaning away from vibrant ranges. We cater to our customers’ feedback and have led the way with a market-leading range of neutral colours, which is often continued throughout the kitchen to complete a stunning visual effect.

Splashback Idea 8: Used Non-Reflective Glass

Splashback Idea 8: Use Non-Reflective Glass

Home builders in WA constantly look for new products and styles to incorporate in their home designs to differentiate themselves from the competition. Each enlists the guidance of interior designers to assist in this and give them an edge over their competitors. One such move has been towards matt textures and less glossy finishes.

Our response was to develop a range of matt glass splashbacks in a range of colours to suit your kitchen space. If you haven’t seen our white or charcoal splashback in a matte finish, you should check them out. They are the ultimate splashback idea and look amazing in modern kitchens.

Splashback Idea 9: Use Earthy Materials

Splashback Idea 9: Use Earthy Materials Like Stone

Depending on the design of your kitchen and benchtops, using natural materials or engineered stone can add a lovely earthy texture and rustic charm to the whole environment.

A Calacatta marble splashback design is extremely popular and one of our best sellers.

Splashback Idea 10: Use Subway Tiles

White subway tiles are quite a popular choice and can be very effective in the right setting, as can black subway tiles with black grout. The obvious downside is that cleaning food splashes off grout can be laborious.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best material for a kitchen splashback?

    The best material for a kitchen splashback is glass as it’s very quick to install, easy to clean and available in a vast range of colours.

  • What is the most popular splashback?

    The most popular splashback is glass due to its versatility in colour, texture, style, and speed of installation for minimum home disruption.

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