How to Make the Most of Mirrors for your Home

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How to make the most of mirrors in the home

Mirrors are an important part of any home. They can brighten a space, and provide homeowners with needed reflection time. Mirrors are one of the most versatile home decor items that you can buy. They serve a variety of purposes, from giving your space more light to adding dimension and depth. Here we will delve into ways in which you can get the most out of your home mirrors.

Mirrors have been a staple in the home for centuries, but why? In ancient times mirrors were believed to have mystical powers. They were said to reflect light and provide protection to those who gazed into them. Today they are more like a fashion accessory, not only for the person looking at their reflection, but also as an item of decoration.

Mirrors in the home are important for many reasons. They can be used as decoration, they create a more spacious feel to a room, and they can even help with Feng Shui. There is one rule of thumb that is easy to remember when placing mirrors in your home: if you want more energy or chi (or life force) flow into an area, place a mirror opposite from the door.

Types of Mirrors

There are two main types of mirrors: framed and frameless. Traditionally, framed mirrors are hung on the wall but more recently it’s been quite fashionable for them to be propped up against it. Frameless mirrors are less likely to be used in this way as their appearance can be perceived as more functional, however, frameless mirrors can have a simple elegance that is stylish in its own right.

Where to Place Them in Your Home

A mirror can be a good addition to any room. It’s more than just decoration; it becomes an integral part of the space, catching light and reflecting back energy as you move around your home. In order for mirrors to have this desired effect on their surroundings, we need to consider the room layout and what the function is.

Mirrors in the lounge

The lounge can be a great place for mirrors. They should be positioned in areas where natural light will strike them and bounce around the room-for example on walls across from windows or near entrances to allow people coming inside to check themselves before meeting up with others. Mirrors opposite windows can draw the outside light into an otherwise dark lounge area.

Mirrors in Kitchens

Mirrors in the kitchen

Mirrors in kitchens tend to be on the smaller side due to limited available wall space, which is usually dominated by kitchen cabinets and appliances. One exception to this is a mirror splashback for behind the stove, which can be a great addition to the kitchen. These are not technically mirrors, as true mirrors cannot be toughened. Glass that is positioned behind a stovetop should be toughened/tempered. Our mirror splashbacks are specially coated glass that provides a beautiful mirror-like finish but can be put through a furnace to be toughened.

Mirrors in bedrooms

Mirrors in the bedroom

Mirrors are an essential part of any bedroom as they help create more light and make it feel larger than it really is. They should ideally match the style of your bedside tables or dressing table mirror for cohesion and balance around the room. You often see large mirrors in bedrooms but when wall space isn’t available for this, a good practical alternative is mirrored wardrobe doors.

Bathroom mirrors

Mirrors in the bathroom

Bathroom mirrors are a must. As anyone who has tried to wash, shave, brush teeth or do any other personal hygeine/grooming tasks without a mirror can testify! Mirror placement is usually on top of washbasins and from our experience – mostly frameless or with a simple frame.

Flush-to-the-Wall or Floating?

Some of our mirrors, framed or frameless, can give a ‘floating effect’ by utilising a rear-mounted bracket that is hidden from view, adds depth and creates a shadow on the wall behind.

Frame styles – Keep it Simple

Framed mirrors should be kept simple, to avoid them overpowering your interior or looking dated quickly. If you’re going for a more contemporary look with clean lines and minimal detail, then go frameless! Our frame styles are simple and modern looking for this exact reason. The interior of a room can be redesigned without having to change the mirror if you’ve thought ahead and planned your mirror with future-proofing in mind.

Finishing touches – Bevelling

Bevelling is a simple process that can add an extra dimension to your mirror. It adds a sparkle to the edge and provides character to a practical product. Bevels can vary in width and can drastically change the appearance and style of the mirror.

Mirror for home gymnasium


You can get the most out of your home mirrors by making smart design decisions and choosing where to place them. Whether you choose a full-length mirror for a walk-in closet or home gymnasium, consider how they will be used before purchasing. If you have questions about which type of mirror is best suited for your specific needs, don’t hesitate to contact our team! We’re happy to help with any questions on style or function when considering adding more mirrors to your space.

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