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Green Splashback

We install many green splashbacks in Perth, WA. It’s a popular colour choice as it’s a very affordable product. This is mainly because it can be manufactured using standard clear glass. Standard glass has a natural light green hue. Some other colours (especially the lighter shades) would be influenced by this natural tint and affect the colour. Such colours would have to use ‘Low Iron Glass’, which has a greatly reduced green hue and is more expensive.

As green is the colour of choice for the splashback, Low Iron Glass is unnecessary, allowing the budget-friendly standard glass to be used.

Green colours in our classic range:

  • Aqua Delight
  • Calm Waters
  • Karki
  • Pond
  • White on Float

Due to the popularity of green, we have introduced a range of contemporary, muted green tones that appeal to a broad customer base:

  • Dream
  • Ozone
  • Sage
  • Subglacial

We also have a colour-matching service, so if you have a particular green colour in mind, just let us know the Dulux details, and for a nominal fee, we will create a sample on glass for your approval prior to manufacture and installation.

Call into our showroom or contact our customer service team to view/obtain a sample.

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