Metallic Painted Splashback in Joondalup

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metallic painted splashback Joondalup

We supply and install painted glass splashbacks in Joondalup and its surrounding areas. Metallic paint is a popular way to add visual interest and flair to standard painted splashbacks.

The above image is of one of our most popular metallic colours, Cocoa Galore. This colour utilises standard float glass, which costs less than the alternative – low iron glass.

Low iron glass costs a little more than float glass as it has undergone an extra process to remove more iron from the glass. This process removes a lot of the green hue that you can see in float.

Our colour, Cocoa Galore uses this characteristic hue to great effect to provide a beautiful, very affordable splashback.

Our customers in Joondalup had a large splashback in the kitchen behind the stovetop, plus a return piece, AND another matching splashback in the scullery. They were conscious of their budget but were extremely happy with their splashbacks and the finished installation price.

We specialize in providing high-quality metallic painted splashbacks to our customers, all of which are manufactured in-house. We offer a wide range of colours, on standard float glass and low iron glass, that can be customised to your choice.

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